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Specialty Carriers

Custom designed for steel mills, shipbuilding, and nuclear industries. Slag pot carriers up to 300 tons. Transporters up to 500 tons.


· Up to 500 tons capacity
· Fully customized to application
· Steel mill, ship building, and nuclear industries
· Modular design with remote control capabilities
· Main components from industry leading OEMs
· Worldwide parts and service support


Our Specialized Carrier division has been dedicated to designing & manufacturing heavy-lift material handling equipment for over 20 years.  Our major clients are in the steel making, ship building, & nuclear power generation industries.  The steel making industry uses our transporters to handle up to 500 tons of scrap metal, molten steel, & finished products such as coils and pipes.  After driving under a propped up load, the entire transporter can lift up to 20 inches, raising the load off the ground.

Our slag pot carriers transport up to 150 tons of molten slag from the steel mill furnace to the slag pit.  At the slag pit, the pot is tipped 180 degrees to dump, requiring no knocking.  It takes a special type of operator to dump 150 ton load of slag at 1400° C – and it takes a special type of machine to allow him to do this safely and reliably.